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Life Coaching

Each client seeks like coaching to meet their own personal needs and goals. Below are a few examples of reasons for seeking a life coach and a short list of programs offered.

Life Coaching Programs Offered

A life coach can work with you to address the challenges that are specific to you using activities and tools that help you achieve a well-balanced life while empowering you to continue practicing your new habits.


Common Life Coaching Goals

Reduce Stress and Find Fulfillment

Some clients seek life coaching to find happiness and to feel fulfilled — two things that often escapes us. This is partly because our culture often treats relaxation and rest as wasted energy. When in fact, this is the opposite as rest allows for the regeneration of energy. A life coach can help you explore your triggers for unrest and work with you to find activities that you can enjoy while still feeling accomplished.

Find Meaning in Life

Many people, regardless of personality type, are unsure of their purpose and go forward in life doing the basics of what is required to survive. For some individuals, this is not an option as there is a need to feel as if their existence has greater meaning. For some who have chosen a path where there is no significant meaning, they will work hard to give it meaning. If this sounds like you, a life coach can help you reevaluate your choices in both your professional and personal lives. And help you refocus your attention on things that you find genuinely and organically meaningful.

Break Old Habits and Change Harmful Behaviors

Sometimes people are unhappy because they have established old habits that are unfulfilling but they can not see a way out. In cases like these, seeking out new interests, hobbies, locales, environments, social circles and more, can prove highly beneficial. If you are a Type-A personality, a life coach can work closely with you to explore new interests and to begin incorporating them into your daily way of life.

Learning to Value Play

When some people play, it often isn’t truly play unless they are competing to win. Often times the reward is in either winning or in the thought of winning. It is rarely solely for the social interaction and emotional bonding that can occur between participants. Some aren’t drawn to activities that are strictly for pure enjoyment. A life coach can work you to see the value of play and to begin incorporating more opportunities for play into your everyday life.

Establish Friendships and Romantic Partnerships

Some singles experience difficulties with establishing bonds ion their romantic partnerships. This is primarily because of the emphasis they place on drive, ambition, and competitiveness which is the opposite of what personal relationships require. In this way, some who are married face similar challenges. Its impact is then seen in the lack of intimacy within the marriage and the distance in the relationship with their children. A life coach can work with you to reestablish intimacy within your relationships (family, social, etc.)


Common Life Coaching Needs

  • To Be Heard: Life coaching is totally dependent on the coach’s ability to listen attentively and ask powerful, solution driven questions.
  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships: Coaching can help to improve many aspects of your interpersonal relationships. Whether that’s with family, friends, or even colleagues.
  • Accountability: For many people, success is found in accountability. A life coach is bold in assigning action items and consistent in following up to hold you accountable. The goal is for you to see measurable results by experiencing authentic life transformation.  Accountability is key and a coach offers this to you.
  • Honest and Objective Processing: It is sometimes hard, to be honest with a friend or family member and to receive honest feedback from them. But with a life coach, thoughtful honesty is a requirement for a successful partnership. With your honest thoughts on the table, handled without judgment, the real transformation begins.
  • Uncovering the Real You: Many of us wear facades and sometimes that’s necessary for specific environments. But without being true to ourselves, we can be left with feelings of empty and unloved. With a coach, you work to discover the intricacies of your unique personality, You’ll recognize your habitual tendencies, both in areas of strengths and weaknesses, which almost always brings about improved relationships and better emotionally well-being.
  • Proactive Thinking: We send so much of out lives reacting. This can often leave us with feelings of being burned out and defeated. Coaching is about looking at closely at our lives, finding opportunities to respond proactively and challenging any obstacles.
  • Creative Brainstorming: Coaches don’t solve your problems for you nor do we tell how to do so. Instead, we provide a place for you to develop out-of-the-box solutions while seeking the best possible outcomes.

I now manage my time more efficiently. And know what is really important. I've rearranged my priorities. Marcia is a natural! When I didn't really seem focused or enthused I saw how she got me in the direction of what I had said was important to me. Marcia pays attention.

PB (Maryland)

I have spent many years in my box. Life coaching has made me understand myself better. It pointed out things that stop me from being the best me I can be. I am breaking my chains and learning to live again.

G. Graham (Missouri)

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Angelica G. (Texas)

I had hoped to make some changes in my outlook as I go through this transition to the next phase of my life. And my expectations were met.

Changed Outlook

The life coaching exercise was great. I wrote the letter and felt some things that I needed to address and realize about myself. I’m just an innocent living person, who’d been hurt at a young age and need to figure out how to get that person back. I’m ready for change and willing to do what it takes to get there. Thank you for all your help.


I don't think there was anything you could have improved upon. I felt that you were always empathetic, understanding, encouraging, never condescending and I always felt that you really cared. You are a great communicator and very sincere.

Very Sincere

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Newer Heights

Life coaching allowed me to take a critical look at my life's goals.

Critical Assessment

The letter went awesome. Wrote 5 pages. It was much needed. Love writing and that is something I needed to do. Writing it made me feel good inside. Knowing the younger me wouldn't feel alone in life. At first my anxiety was high and I had so many bubble guts. But once I started writing I couldn't stop. I loved every last min of it.

Felt Good