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Five Quick, Easy, And Fun Steps To Creating The Ultimate Vision Board

Items needed

Before you get started with creating a vision board, be sure to learn more about vision boards and what you can expect. If you already know what a vision board is, here is the list of items you’ll need to get started. The links take you to each item on Amazon.

  1. A poster board or foam board
  2. Glue stick or tape
  3. A photo of yourself (preferably as a child, optional)
  4. Permanent markers – a few Sharpies
  5. A stack of old magazines (find 4 or 5 recycled ones if possible)
  6. Scissors

Step One: Make Time

Set aside about an hour to 90-minutes to begin work on the vision board. Go to a quiet room where you can concentrate for a little while without distractions.

Step Two: Relax and Visualize

Put on relaxing music. When creating my vision boards, I prefer instrumental jazz or classical. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that’s soothing yet not distracting. Then, close your eyes and just for a few minutes try to visualize your ideal life. Reflect on your most epic dreams. If you could release your limitations, what would your most fulfilling life look like?

Step Three: Gather Pieces

Cut out images from magazines that you find yourself drawn to most. If you feel attracted to a picture, then begin to immediately imagine why this can’t be possible, stop yourself and remove the self-limiting thought. No limits.

What images represent the life you want to live? I.e, if you want to travel more, you might clip photos of someone traveling in an exotic location or pictures that resemble the type of places you find most appealing. If you want to find a great romantic partner, you might cut out photos of happy couples doing activities together (for example, cooking a meal together, dancing, etc.)

Step Four: Create Your Board

Place the picture of yourself in the middle of the board (optional). Then, paste the magazine images onto your vision board. There are many ways to approach this and no single “right way.” Arrange the images your way. Either fill the board with all of your pictures or just randomly paste them all over on your board.

Step Five: Tie It Together

Using the markers, jot down your mantra or other a favorite quote or two on your board. Also just cut out single words or meaningful phrases that remind you of the life you want to live and paste them onto your vision board.

Now proudly hang or display your vision board somewhere you’re likely to see it daily and feel motivated! Some people also like to frame their vision board before hanging it up.

Use It! Milestones, Timelines, Accountability

Once you’ve completed your vision board, it’s important that you translate it into action by creating a plan that includes timelines and milestones. You should also consider working with an accountability partner or group to keep you on track and help you resolve issues that arise. Here are a few suggested tools to help you work your board into an action plan. I’ve personally used all of these and found them extremely helpful.

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I now manage my time more efficiently. And know what is really important. I've rearranged my priorities. Marcia is a natural! When I didn't really seem focused or enthused I saw how she got me in the direction of what I had said was important to me. Marcia pays attention.

PB (Maryland)

I have spent many years in my box. Life coaching has made me understand myself better. It pointed out things that stop me from being the best me I can be. I am breaking my chains and learning to live again.

G. Graham (Missouri)

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Angelica G. (Texas)

I had hoped to make some changes in my outlook as I go through this transition to the next phase of my life. And my expectations were met.

Changed Outlook

The life coaching exercise was great. I wrote the letter and felt some things that I needed to address and realize about myself. I’m just an innocent living person, who’d been hurt at a young age and need to figure out how to get that person back. I’m ready for change and willing to do what it takes to get there. Thank you for all your help.


I don't think there was anything you could have improved upon. I felt that you were always empathetic, understanding, encouraging, never condescending and I always felt that you really cared. You are a great communicator and very sincere.

Very Sincere

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Newer Heights

Life coaching allowed me to take a critical look at my life's goals.

Critical Assessment

The letter went awesome. Wrote 5 pages. It was much needed. Love writing and that is something I needed to do. Writing it made me feel good inside. Knowing the younger me wouldn't feel alone in life. At first my anxiety was high and I had so many bubble guts. But once I started writing I couldn't stop. I loved every last min of it.

Felt Good