Celebrating My Birth Month With 31 Days of Gratitude (Days 7-12)

Day Seven: Being an Entrepreneur

Today I am most grateful for being able to do work I love. I am self-employed and have been self-employed for several years. But even when I was working in the corporate world and elsewhere, I loved my work. I did not always love my work environment, but I always found my work fulfilling.

Now, working as a life coach, and a digital marketing consultant (www.marciahylton.com), I exercise both right and left brain. I love the daily challenges I encounter. I enjoy being creative, working to inspire people, and sharing knowledge. My work allows me to do all three on a daily basis.

I 100% love the work I do. This is day seven of my 31 days of gratitude.

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Day Eight: Having Met Great People

Today I am most grateful for having met some amazing people in my life. I have met individuals who are famous and people who are only known to a few, but within each group, I’ve gotten to know some of the best humans one could ever meet. Most importantly, I’ve learned so much from them.

I have several people in my life that I can count on to set me straight with love and with kindness. Because of their honesty and love, I can step away from every conversation having grown and having learned something new. I value this in my relationships because I’m a firm believer in the saying, “The truth hurts for a moment, but a lie hurts for a very long time.

Today, I am grateful for the amazing people I’ve met over the years who have helped me grow as a person by offering me hard truths… but with love. This is day eight of my 31 days of gratitude.

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Day Nine: Courage

Today I am most grateful for courage. I’ve needed it repeatedly throughout my life.

I used to think that I was one of the few people battling fear. I’d beat myself up for being afraid. But now I’ve come to accept fear as a part of the journey. And as an opportunity to exercise courage. I even make a habit of intentionally facing things that scare me when I don’t need to.

Exercising courage has allowed me to accomplish and experience many things in life. Many people I’ve met don’t seem to recognize the value of courage. But as the quote goes, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to act in the midst of it.”

Today, I am grateful that even though I’m often afraid, I am able to act even when afraid. This is day nine of my 31 days of gratitude.

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Day Ten: Walking My Dogs

Today I am most grateful for my daily walks. Three to be exact.

I used to walk for exercise consistently for several weeks then quit. And even though I’ve had two dogs for several years, I had a yard for them to play in and they were housebroken so that worked! But in the past several months that’s changed.

In March 2016, one of my dogs died and in November 2016, I got a two year old rescue. My new dog did not play by the rules and required multiple daily walks to reduce the number of accidents he had in the house.

But here’s what’s happened… I ended up enjoying my multiple daily walks. It’s helped me trim down just a little bit. It’s helped me meet many neighbors I would not have otherwise met. And I get so much time to bond with my pups, stretch my body, clear my mind and get my thoughts in order.

Today, I am grateful for those daily walks… three to be exact 😊 This is day ten of my 31 days of gratitude.

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Day Eleven

My talents

Books About…

Day Twelve

Friendly neighbors

Books About…

Day Thirteen

Meditation, vision boards and visualization

Books About…

Day Fourteen

My curiosity.

Books About…

Day Fifteen

The weather in south Texas

Books About…

Day Sixteen

My international family and Caribbean heritage

Books About…

Day Seventeen

Everyone I have ever learned from including those who hold mirrors up to me and force me to face truths I might otherwise ignore.

Books About…

Day Eighteen

Those who lend me their ears.

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Day Nineteen

People who say I love you.

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Day Twenty

People who share their stories with me.

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Day Twenty-One

The option to travel

Books About…

Day Twenty-Two

Being my own boss. The option to be my own boss

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Day Twenty-Three


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Day Twenty-Four


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Day Twenty-Five

Having a sound mind

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Day Twenty-Six

My health. It’s not perfect but…

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Day Twenty-Seven

My daily walks

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Day Twenty-Eight

Thunderstorms at night

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Day Twenty-Nine

Sunny days

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Day Thirty

Having a foodventurous palate.

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Day Thirty-One

Having another birthday. I’m 50 y’all. OMG. 😊😄🎶💃🏽🎶 And I’m still here. 🙏

Books About…

And so my official “31 Days of Gratitude” comes to an end. But it is my hope that I will continue moving in life with a focus on remaining grateful about all things in life.

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I now manage my time more efficiently. And know what is really important. I've rearranged my priorities. Marcia is a natural! When I didn't really seem focused or enthused I saw how she got me in the direction of what I had said was important to me. Marcia pays attention.

PB (Maryland)

I have spent many years in my box. Life coaching has made me understand myself better. It pointed out things that stop me from being the best me I can be. I am breaking my chains and learning to live again.

G. Graham (Missouri)

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Angelica G. (Texas)

I had hoped to make some changes in my outlook as I go through this transition to the next phase of my life. And my expectations were met.

Changed Outlook

The life coaching exercise was great. I wrote the letter and felt some things that I needed to address and realize about myself. I’m just an innocent living person, who’d been hurt at a young age and need to figure out how to get that person back. I’m ready for change and willing to do what it takes to get there. Thank you for all your help.


I don't think there was anything you could have improved upon. I felt that you were always empathetic, understanding, encouraging, never condescending and I always felt that you really cared. You are a great communicator and very sincere.

Very Sincere

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Newer Heights

Life coaching allowed me to take a critical look at my life's goals.

Critical Assessment

The letter went awesome. Wrote 5 pages. It was much needed. Love writing and that is something I needed to do. Writing it made me feel good inside. Knowing the younger me wouldn't feel alone in life. At first my anxiety was high and I had so many bubble guts. But once I started writing I couldn't stop. I loved every last min of it.

Felt Good