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Book Recommendation: Gentlewoman: Etiquette for a Lady, from a Gentleman

I’ve just added this excellent book to the list of prizes that members of the Taking Epic Actions (TEA) Facebook group can win through participation, etc.

If you believe there’s room in your life to make improvements to your etiquette and to present yourself as a more polished person, this book will be beneficial.

Just think of it as developing new and better life habits by training (or retraining) yourself.

Ways this book can help

  1. Are you looking to draw a different type of circle of friends into your life?It’s a fact that we ultimately become most like the five people we spend the most time around. So how’s your social circle?
  2. Are you looking to attract the right type of mate?We increase our chances of attracting the right kind of mate based on how we carry ourselves and by that I mean, how others perceive us. But we have some control over that. How others see us is significantly impacted by what we project into the world. So be careful that you are advertising the best of yourself.
  3. Are you seeking to advance your finances, career, and business opportunities?People buy you and not your business product. They have to like you and feel you are a “good fit” to hire you. And they may even hire you for having the right technical skills (or because you were the candidate willing to accept the wages they’ve offered), but if you find you aren’t getting opportunities to advance into that higher-paying position, you may want to look at what you are presenting and how it’s being perceived.

So take a fierce look at how you are packaged. And by packaged, I don’t just mean your hair and clothes. By “packaged,” I mean your full presentation (speech, mannerisms, social media presentation).

Ask yourself, “What are they assuming based on what I am putting out there?” In the question, “they” doesn’t refer to just anyone. It specifically relates to people in a position to help you advance to the place you want and people who can help you achieve your goals.

Contrary to popular belief, “fake it til you make it” is not the best practice. Instead, do the hard work of developing these next-level lifestyle habits. Make a choice to evolve in the areas of your life that need improvement.

Your self-evaluation is not intended to make you feel bad about yourself. It is to make you lovingly look for areas of your life where there is room to make improvements. Just as I encourage you to give yourself kudos for even your smallest wins, I also encourage you to be your own best critic. Just don’t be cruel or mean.

Look at yourself with love and compassion. If you aren’t willing to constructively criticize yourself, you may be missing fantastic life opportunities. Your goal is to gently evaluate yourself then develop a plan to patiently and lovingly make incremental changes.

As women, we are all fighting these daily battles. This book is a prize that provides excellent instruction on how to win at both self-presentation and self-preservation.

By the way, I offer prizes in my TEA Facebook group to create some motivation. But ultimately members are encouraged to find internal motivations for adopting good life habits.

What were your thoughts/feelings when reading this post? What, if any, questions came to mind?

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I now manage my time more efficiently. And know what is really important. I've rearranged my priorities. Marcia is a natural! When I didn't really seem focused or enthused I saw how she got me in the direction of what I had said was important to me. Marcia pays attention.

PB (Maryland)

I have spent many years in my box. Life coaching has made me understand myself better. It pointed out things that stop me from being the best me I can be. I am breaking my chains and learning to live again.

G. Graham (Missouri)

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Angelica G. (Texas)

I had hoped to make some changes in my outlook as I go through this transition to the next phase of my life. And my expectations were met.

Changed Outlook

The life coaching exercise was great. I wrote the letter and felt some things that I needed to address and realize about myself. I’m just an innocent living person, who’d been hurt at a young age and need to figure out how to get that person back. I’m ready for change and willing to do what it takes to get there. Thank you for all your help.


I don't think there was anything you could have improved upon. I felt that you were always empathetic, understanding, encouraging, never condescending and I always felt that you really cared. You are a great communicator and very sincere.

Very Sincere

Marcia is enthusiastic, insightful, caring and encouraging. Her own life philosophy and exuberance come through and inspire you to achieve newer heights.

Newer Heights

Life coaching allowed me to take a critical look at my life's goals.

Critical Assessment

The letter went awesome. Wrote 5 pages. It was much needed. Love writing and that is something I needed to do. Writing it made me feel good inside. Knowing the younger me wouldn't feel alone in life. At first my anxiety was high and I had so many bubble guts. But once I started writing I couldn't stop. I loved every last min of it.

Felt Good