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  • Professionally-trained coach
  • Accredited coaching certification
  • 10+ years corporate experience
  • SHRM professional member
  • U.S. Air Force Veteran
  • Former Bloomberg business radio contributor
  • Thrive Global contributor
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High-Performance Coaching

Regularly losing your brightest talent is a costly mistake. It happens when employees don’t feel empowered to speak and act in ways that help them reach their highest potential or ways that deliver their best value to their organization. I work with managers to set up coaching sessions that inspire and motivate employees to change behaviors and drive greater performance.

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Speaking Topics

  • Identifying Opportunities Disguised As Problems
  • Evaluating Risks & Taking Strategic Chances
  • Funtioning at Your Optimal Potential
  • The Power of the Entrepreneurial Mindset
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High Performance Coaching

Above all, I believe in the power and responsibility that those in leadership have to create real change within their teams and reach the untapped potential that exists inside of each team member.

5 key benefits to providing coaching to your most valued employees:

  • Increased retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved communication
  • Improved relationships


... years of corporate experience


... years developing and leading teams


... years coaching corporate teams

Marcia Hylton | High Performance Coach | Consultant | Speaker | Writer

Ready to adjust your teams mindset, and take your company’s productivity to the next level?

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Marcia Hylton is a former business show contributor on The Price of Business — for Houston-area stations Bloomberg Radio and CBS Radio. Marcia currently contributes to several publications including Thrive Global and Medium.

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